D&K Construction & Painting
D&K Construction & Painting Company, Inc. is a family owned licensed C33 Painting and Class B general contractor that has been serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1981 and New England since 2011.

D&K is bonded to perform million dollar contracts and insured to perform almost all type of work public and private including HOA, building of new homes and commercial buildings. D&K has performed private, city, state and federal contracts that range from interior or exterior painting of multi story buildings, steel freeway overpasses, water tanks, military bases, apartment complexes, townhouses and neighborhood homes. D&K has built, made additions and remodeled family homes in a variety of neighborhoods, renovating a recreational club for the Coast Guard, upgraded large fire stations, built a new office/warehouse building in Burlingame, and much more over 30 years of operation.

Facilities & Equipment
Due to daily increases in energy, materials and labor costs D&K Construction & Painting Company, Inc. is constantly dealing with cost changes. To stay competitive, reduce overhead, and provide economical prices to clients. D&K owns its own office, warehouse, tools, and constant equipment.
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